Five tips for making your house more attractive to buyers

Are property prices falling or not? And, if so, is it an economic trend or just the summer lull? However, while experts and commentators argue over this phenomenon, you might have strong practical reasons for getting your house on the market and attracting serious would-be buyers.

If you need to make a good impression on every viewer that comes along, try these tips for ensuring they get the best possible experience when visiting your home:

  • A fresh coat of paint – This is a recognised quick fix for interior walls, but why not try it on the outside too? If your house isn’t painted you could consider steam-cleaning or some other materials-appropriate technique to perk up tired exterior walls. Don’t forget property boundaries, fences and drives too. The perennial advice is to go for gentle rather than strong colours for maximum breadth of appeal.
  • Smarten up the entrance – If you have the kind of hallway that’s stuffed with wellington boots, a mass of coats, dog leads, walking boots or toys, then it’s definitely time to find alternative storage. Make sure the door is clean, well-decorated and does not have smudged or dirty glass. First impressions count. Also, make sure there are no broken fittings or untidy mats lying about. If you have a flat with a shared hallway, make sure it’s as tidy and attractive as possible.
  • Tidy up the garden – Pay attention to both the front and back of the property. Make sure there are no weeds coming up through paving cracks, the grass is mown and that any plants are under control. Plants can create a lovely atmosphere so consider some tubs or baskets if the time of year is right.
  • Get rid of clutter and rubbish – Take a good, hard look at the front of your house and the rest of the property. Try to see the stuff you’ve long since stopped seeing. For instance, do you have a collapsing shed? Are you storing worn-out possessions until you have time to go to the dump? Is there a car on the drive that will probably never run again? Now is the time to deal with these things – and it’ll make the moving process less painful too.
  • Fix broken stuff – Make sure there are no kitchen cupboards hanging at odd angles, broken door handles or bathroom tiles that have fallen off the wall. Deal with any mould or discolouration, make sure paintwork and light switches are clean and presentable with any woodwork or plaster holes filled. Check grouting and bathroom seals and pay special attention to areas around the kitchen sink. Make sure drains are unblocked and odour-free and clean up very thoroughly after pets, removing any shed hair and employing specialist vacuuming and odour-removal products if necessary.

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