Does DIY food offer benefits for consumers?

If you’re a foodie, concerned about the environment or interested in the origins of the food you eat, then you’ll enjoy this article from this weekend’s Observer about the DIY food movement.

The paper has sought out producers of foodstuffs like ice cream, smoked salmon, pizza and cheese to ask them how they developed their methods and what the benefits are for their customers.

In a world where more and more people are interested in growing their own food, as well as knowing more about how the meals they eat are sourced, it’s a fascinating subject. Here’s a little taster (ahem) and a link:

Britain’s DIY food producers

There has been a noticeable movement of food lovers researching complicated processes, building their own equipment and even developing businesses fuelled by little more than enthusiasm and ingenuity. It runs in parallel with a rising interest in traditional crafts, with a swelling, almost political desire to cut food businesses out of the food chain. It’s geeky, obsessive, web-driven and, above all, fun – this is the new Food DIY. Read the full article here…