Selling your house? Some tips on dealing with clutter

The photos in the estate agents’ window make the place look perfect. But what if prospective buyers calling round for a viewing find clutter and mess instead of gleaming perfection?

And what should you do to make sure you don’t inadvertently kill interest in your own property?

Here’s an article from US newspaper and website The Chicago Tribune that offers some useful tips on how to behave if your home is on the market and you are hoping for viewers at a moment’s notice:

When it comes to online real estate photos, the devil is in the details
It was difficult to pick out the worst no-no in a recent set of photos posted with a Chicago condo listing. Was it the haphazard collection of magnets on the refrigerator, or the clutter that effectively cut in half the amount of kitchen counter space? Was it the opened toilet lid? The toothbrush lying sideways on the bathroom sink? Or the full-size lime green bath towel draped over the footboard on the bed? Read on here…