Keep the weather at bay with help from Nigel’s Eco Store

Feeling a few draughts during the current cold, damp and blustery weather? Getting worried every time you turn the lights or heating on?

Nigel's Eco Store banner

If so, you can take a tip or two from green homeware retailer Nigel’s Eco Store – this merchant has a host of goodies and clever gadgets to help you cut your energy consumption, keep your home warm and do your bit for the environment – saving you money as you go.

Check out the following ideas for seeing off the tail end of winter economically and in comfort:

  • Letterbox Ecoflap – a clever device that fits on the back of your letter box to exclude draughts and inhospitable weather from your home. It’s quick and simple to install, and starts saving you energy straight away. £24.50
  • Energy Wizard – plug it into any socket in your home, and it will use a combination of filtration and correction techniques to improve the efficiency of the electrical appliances and circuits in your home. Its intelligent technology optimises the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power demands. £24.95.
  • Rubber Door and Window Draught Excluder – draught-proofing is a big step towards an energy efficient home as typically 15 per cent of heat is lost because of draughts. Banish chilly draughts from hinged doors and windows, and get the most out of your central heating with this innovative hinged window and door draught excluder. £3.95
  • Mobile phone plug – leaving a charger plugged in wastes energy and money. But plug phone and charger into the energy saving Enviroplug, then plug into the wall, and it will monitor the power going into your mobile, cutting it off when the battery is full. £9.95.
  • Insulating Paint Additive – add Insuladd to your normal paint to create a thermal barrier that also repels moisture, helping to prevent mould and mildew. The additive is made of tiny hollow ceramic microspheres, is safe and non-toxic, and has been tested in extremes of hot and cold. £23.99.
  • OWL Micro Wireless Electricity Monitor – this gadget shows you exactly how much electricity you are using, in cost and power units, and reveals the benefit of switching off your electrical devices, helping you to reduce household bills and carbon emissions. £25.99.
  • Radiator Booster – an innovative, lightweight product that uses a small fan to draw heat from a standard radiator, gently distributing it better into the room. It will warm a room faster, save lost energy, and reduce heating bills. £20.41.
  • Radiator Insulation Panels – make your home warmer and reduce your heating bills with panels that work by reflecting the heat that would normally be lost behind radiators back into the room. Using them will cut carbon emissions and improve the efficiency of central heating. The panels can be cut to size, are long-lasting and simple to fit. £37.78.
  • Chimney Pillow – a simple, cost-effective way to stop chimney draughts, reduce noise and heat loss. Easy to install and remove, a chimney pillow is an inflatable bag made from a special laminate that makes it airtight, tear-resistant and long-lasting. Specially designed to be easily positioned while allowing ventilation, it is completely safe and shrivels up if heated. £22.46.

You can check out all Nigel’s Eco Store products on its website here.