Need help with hanging a painting?

Here’s a quick update to point you in the direction of a useful article we spotted this week. Have you ever baulked at the idea of hanging a picture or mirror? You certainly aren’t alone.

There are all kinds of considerations – from the sheer fear of drilling into pristine paint or wallpaper to concerns about using strong enough fittings to support the weight, questions of positioning and queries about what materials to use.

We suggest having a read of this detailed how-to guide published by the Chicago Tribune (it even has diagrams). It covers everything from choice of materials to placement and hanging, and should help give you the confidence you need to tackle this basic (but still tricky) task. Here’s a taster:

Life Skill #251: Hang a painting

The rule of thumb is to hang art at eye level, with the center about 60 inches above the floor.

When hanging art above furniture, leave at least 3 to 6 inches of wall space above a sofa and 4 to 8 inches above a table. The art should be centered over the furniture if the furniture isn’t centered on the wall.

Hang small pieces in clusters to avoid their appearing to be floating on a vast wall. The grouping then becomes the artwork.

Hang multiple, different-size pieces so that the centers are aligned; the tops and bottoms of the frames don’t have to line up. Read the full story here…